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Provincial Secretariat for Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry and Vojvodina Investment Promotion – VIP have launched the Program for enhancing of competitiveness of the agro-food companies of Vojvodina with the support of Government of Japan and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). In few past months, expert from Japan, Mr Tadaaki Tanaka, worked with selected local agro-food companies with the aim to increase their production, export and competitive capability. We had the pleasure to host him in our office and to work with him. Here is what he wrote for our blog:

I did not know anything about Serbia until coming over here except Dragan Stojkovic (Pixy) and Novak Djokovic. I have given some advices for five food processing companies which are FRUCTUS, MARA, NECTAR, NEOPLANTA, and PATENTTanaka to improve their operations and realized they all have strong desire to become better. Five companies were selected through exchange of e-mail and TV conference with VIP staffs before I came here. Tailor-made advices have been given according to the scale of company, their requests, and our observations.

I did not have any problem to communicate with them through the project because all understand English perfectly. It was my big surprise because it happened neither in Dominican Republic nor in Vietnam where I worked before for two years respectively. All staffs of five companies are well educated and smart enough to manage their jobs and have strong commitment to improvement. That is why they listened to my advices. Although my assignment is only six months, progress of some companies was remarkable due to their dedications. Needless to say improvement is endless; therefore, they have to continue to implement PDCA cycle. All companies have a lot of potential to compete in global market and it is recommended to have concrete plan what market should be focused on.

I enjoyed working at VIP very much. All staffs are very supportive and friendly. It is no doubt that I cannot do my job smoothly without their help. Novi Sad is a nice city to live and has a lot of green with fresh air. I could enjoy jogging along side the Danube river every day. Food is also very nice. I love Kajmak very much and would like to introduce this tasty food to Japanese market.

I would like to support to increase export of Serbian products to Japan and to promote investment to Serbia from now on. Finally I would like to thank all related persons for your great support.

JICA senior volunteer at VIP Tadaaki Tanaka

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