Real value of foreign investments

Author: Snezana Vukovic, Managing director, TRS Swiss Production – part of Clover Technologies Group

This week (actually on Thursday November 29th) our company, TRS SWISS PRODUCTION, is opening recently renovated manufacturing facility in Petrovaradin where we operate on 14,000 m2 of covered space. We will open our doors to show to high officials of Serbia and Vojvodina what we are doing here and present some plans for the future.

We will also have the honor of hosting  H.E. Michael D. Kirby, U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Serbia. Additional reason is that we would like to celebrate the first anniversary of Clover Technologies USA  (which is our owner) in Serbia.

In some reflections on the occassion, I went back to how we started and where we are today – so successful and brilliant – so that I was thinking about foreign investments in general and values they bring to Serbia.

This topic has been bringing a lot of controversy both in the past years and today, but most of the time people are talking about some outstanding  amounts of money which has been invested. Also we can point out 12 milion which have been infused into our business in Serbia, but that should not be in the focus of our attention.

The biggest value is in knowledge and technologies, work organization and discipline and organizational culture. This is something that Serbia needs more than anything else. This is the spirit which you can feel when you come to our company, you can feel that it functions to its deepest parts. And this is something that many of our companies have lost during years of economical isolation and crisis, having no contacts with partners from abroad and thus no chance to stay in touch with changes that took place in business in general.

But, our employees are now capable of spreading this seed wherever they would go and work and this is something that will remain as a permanent value and benefit for Serbia.

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