FDI in the first quarter in 2012.

In the first three months of 2012, 138 million euros of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) have been announced, which should result in employment of nearly 4000 workers. Already 11.5 million euros have been implemented.

From the earlier announced investment, mostly in the last two years, in the first quarter 21.46 euros worth investments have been realized along with employing 317 workers. Surely, that is connected to the realignment on the global scene, as also to receiving the candidate status for the EU, receiving the award from the Magazine fDI Intelligence that declares Vojvodina as the fourth best location in Europe according to the cost effectiveness criteria. Also, there is the fact that the companies has previously entered the country, and which in Vojvodina according to our statistic (and the only currently available) are more than 230, are satisfied with the operating conditions in this region.

Hereafter we induce some of the announcements:

The German Henkel announced building a new plant in Inđija, small town in Vojvodina, that will provide jobs for 50 new employees. Inđija will become the regional product center of facade plaster for the Balkans. In the first construction stage, between 15 and 20 million euros will be invested.

In Subotica, Siemens is expanding the production facility along with new equipment installation worth 3 million euros, and according to the plan, until 2014 new technological processes will be installed, worth 21 million euros.

The German supermarket chain, Lidl will open three stores. Currently there is no confirmed information about the location, but it is know that mid-March they have signed the contract for the purchase of the land in Zrenjanin. Lidl plans to build a 2,000-square-meter supermarket and to employ 25 employees, by investing 1.5 million euros in the project in Zrenjanin.

Few days ago, a new factory was opened in Zrenjanin. The French company Mecaplast has invested more than 10 million euros in opening a new facility for production of plastic parts for cars, of which the largest part for installation in cars for Fiat in Kragujevac. Until the end of 2013, 120 workers will be hired. This company, headquartered in Monaco, today hires 5500 workers in 15 countries.

The English company Albon, which has been operating in Šimanovci since 2005, and producing machine elements and tools for the automotive industry, will build a new plant for manufacturing spare parts for Ford Motor Company. The value of the investment is 7.5 million euros and will include employing 200 workers. The production should start in 2013.

Swarovski is investing 21 million euros in the plant in Subotica, and plans to hire 550 new employees.

In the Czech tire factory Mitas in Ruma, on the 20th of March a new facility for tires for agricultural machinery production is inaugurated, producing mainly for export. The value of the investment is 3,5 million euros.

The Croatian company, Adrijana teks, member of the Italian Calzedonia, is also coming to Ruma. The company submitted an elaboration for building a 5000-square-meter facility in Ruma, for swimsuit manufacturing. The value of the investment is 7,2 million euros. This section will employ 71 new employees.

On the other side, according to Subotica’s city council decision, the Italian Calzedonia has been given eight hectares of construction land for building a new factory. The amount planned for the investment is 20 million euros, and the construction of the 18000-square-meter facility in the Industry zone Mali Bajmok will start next year. Until 2012, Calzedonia plans to hire 1000 employees.


First investment in some municipalities

The Italian spring jacket producer, Pieffe fashion has opened a new facility in Bela Crkva. The company hired 100 workers, and in the next three years will hire 150 more workers. The goods manufactured in Bela Crkva will be exported to Italy. This is the first foreign investment in this municipality.

The municipality Odžaci got its first Greenfield investment. The world famous international company, Magna seating, headquartered in Toronto, will build a new plant for production of upholstery and cushions for the first installation of car seats. Until 2015, Magna seating will hire 444 workers.

Another update in the municipality of Odžaci refers to selling the Hipol plast company. The Austrian company, Grainer bought it for 1,25 million euros. Grainer will invest between 6 and 7 million euros, along with taking over 60 workers and hiring 100 new ones.

A good start of 2012 for Sremska Mitrovica

Lames group, one of Fiat’s partners will start producing automatic glass lifters for automobiles in a rented factory in Sremska Mitrovica. Currently, 40 employees are working in the facility, and soon 40 new will be hired. The German Company MC Bauhemie, manufacturer of construction adhesive and other components will start building a new plant in Sremska Mitrovica in spring. The 9000-square-meter facility will be built in the Industry zone “Jezero” for producing chemical substances and additives for the needs of construction industry where 40 workers will be hired. The goods are oriented for export. Sirmium Steel, company operating in this city for more than one year and employing 200 workers, has announced building a new still mill and nail factory along with hiring 200 more employees. According to the plan, the construction shall be finished next year. Sremska Mitrovica has also reached an agreement with the Slovenian company Kopitarna, which plans to build a new factory next year, in which 180 workers will be hired.

South Korean company, Mecen IPC opened a factory in Nova Pazova, as a joint venture project with a domestic company Evropa ineks, for producing high quality insulator materials for inner and abroad market. The total amount of the investment is 4 million euros. Currently 35 workers are operating, and until next year, 60 more workers will be hired.

From the beginning of 2012, Vojvodina Investment Promotion – VIP has received 20 new inquiries from potential investors, which is significantly more than in the previous year`s first quarter.





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